10 More Tips to Make the Most of Freshman Year

April 8, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
April 8, 2019 ACS

Last week, we shared with you some tips on making the most of your freshman year at college. In fact, you can put some of them to use now, as you prepare for the next stage of your life. This week, here are ten more tips to consider, as you kick your freshman year planning into high gear over the next few months.

Start your resume. You will need this for years in the future, and it’s easier to keep it updated if you add work or volunteer experiences as they happen. When you start looking for your first campus job or summer internship, you’ll be ready.

Take a speech class (even if it’s not required). Solid communication skills are important for everyone. A speech class can help you with everything from job interviews to work presentations and more.

Get in touch with the career center. Don’t wait until junior or senior year! The guidance you receive at the career center throughout your college experience can help to shape you for the perfect job after graduation. Plus, you will likely learn about career options that you didn’t even know exist.

Start a journal or blog. College will be one of the most exciting, transformative times of your life. A journal or blog will help you record these experiences and learn from them.

Set up a calendar. If you don’t already have a calendar of some sort, establish one now. An app is ideal, especially if you choose one that allows you to sign in from multiple locations.

Get a shower caddy. You might find yourself standing in the aisle at Target, wondering if a shower caddy is really an important purchase. Yes! It’s such a small thing, but will keep you organized in shared bathroom situations. Plus, you’ll never get in the shower and realize you left your razor down the hall.

Place your alarm clock (or phone) across the room. If you have to get up to turn it off, you probably won’t go back to sleep.

Register for classes right away. We just can’t emphasize this enough. If you wait until the last minute (or even the day after registration opens) you might find that all of your top-choice classes are full.

Find the campus health center. Don’t wait until the Freshman Funk strikes. Learn the location and hours of the campus health center now, and program their number into your phone. Help will be easier to obtain when you need it.

Accept an invitation for something unexpected. This is the time to push your boundaries and try new things. We’re not saying you should do anything dangerous or crazy (please don’t), but do try something that is slightly outside of your usual comfort zone. If you’re not normally political, stop and really talk to that student asking you to sign a petition. If you don’t usually enjoy sports, head to a sporting event anyway (the atmosphere can be fun for anyone). Explore your campus and everything it has to offer. This is the perfect time to learn something new!


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