25 Things You’ve Got to Try During Your First Semester at College

September 17, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
September 17, 2019 ACS

Your first semester at college will be an experience unlike any you’ve ever had. You’re going to remember this time for the rest of your life, no matter what you do. But why not make it extra special? Here are 25 things every college freshman should try, even if you don’t think you have much interest. Trust us; each of these experiences will open up a new world of possibility, along with the fun memories.

  1. Spend an afternoon or evening hanging out on the quad. What’s the big deal? You’ll know once you try it.
  2. Got to a football game (or basketball, or whatever sport is most popular at your school)
  3. Go to the campus gym. Some of these facilities are world-class.
  4. Join an intramural sport (even if you’re not the sporty type)
  5. Connect with an animal – either an emotional support animal offered through campus programming, or volunteer at a shelter
  6. Bike instead of walking
  7. Host a cooking night in your dorm kitchen
  8. Get all dressed up and attend a formal event
  9. Participate in those dorky, resident-advisor-sponsored floor activities. Yes, really!
  10. Join a club, even something that sounds silly
  11. Explore a different religion via student groups; it’s a great way to learn about other cultures
  12. Attend at least one university-sponsored campus event
  13. Check out a career fair, just to get some ideas
  14. Try one of your school’s silly or unusual traditions
  15. Go to one event simply for the free food
  16. Sign up for a fun elective course
  17. Try out one of the university’s “outings”, like hiking, whitewater rafting, camping, etc
  18. Go to a fraternity party (but please be safe)
  19. Purchase something with your school’s name on it
  20. Experiment with dining hall fare. Create a unique dish from the buffet, and Instagram it
  21. Attend an art exhibit, play, or dance production
  22. Try at least one tutoring session in a subject that challenges you
  23. Stop by a professor’s office during hours, just to say hi
  24. Go to a costume party, and go all out with your costume
  25. Spend a quiet weekend at home with your parents. You’ve changed a lot lately, and they’re excited to hear all about your college life.


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