3 Things to Do Right Now

July 13, 2020
Posted in Student Tips
July 13, 2020 ACS

With the pandemic impacting college planning nationwide, a large number of students have decided to forgo school in the fall. Hopefully that won’t be a permanent decision for them, but in the meantime many universities are experiencing a drop in enrollment. For those of you still planning to attend college in the Fall, this situation could open up certain opportunities for you. Take these three steps now to maximize your college experience this fall.

Check on financial aid again. With enrollment dropping, some schools might have excess financial aid funds left over. Call or email your intended school’s financial aid office, and double check to see if you might be able to claim more award money.

Apply for more scholarships. Numerous scholarships go unclaimed every year, but a drop in enrollment will likely free up even more of these funds. Continue to research and apply for scholarships wherever you can find them. Even a few hundred dollars here and there can really add up over the long run.

Contact your school’s residence department. Lower enrollment can also mean fewer students living on campus (if your intended school is operating their dorms this fall). If you didn’t receive the dorm assignment of your choice, there could still be time to switch into your preferred situation due to vacancies.

One last word: This can be a long shot in some cases, but if you are not totally satisfied with your school choice, it might not be too late change your mind. As of last month, nearly 800 colleges were still accepting applications for the fall semester in an effort to fill their freshmen classes. If you were previously wait listed at a preferred school, or have changed your mind for any other reason, a few phone calls could produce satisfying results. It’s worth a shot!


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