5 Last-Minute Tips for a Successful Finals Week

December 16, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
December 16, 2019 ACS

Where did the time go?  With this semester’s final exams pressing upon us, you might be feeling a bit of last-minute jitters. Take a deep breath, and implement these five tips for a successful exam week.

Plan ahead. The most stressful part of finals week is often some unexpected snag in your plans. Make sure you have everything you need, such as ink in your printer, number 2 pencils, gas in your car, and so on. Wake up just a few minutes early on exam days so that an unexpected traffic jam won’t make you late.

Stick to your usual healthy habits. Finals week can cause some of us to slip into less-than-healthy habits, such as skipping exercise or consuming too much coffee or junk food. Exercise actually helps to reset your mind and boost energy, so take regular study breaks and get moving. As for your dietary choices, excessive sugar and coffee will only keep you up all night and cost you valuable sleep. That’s hardly conducive to learning. A poor diet also makes you more prone to illness, and the last thing you need right now is a bout of the flu.

Choose the right study space. Find what works for you. Ideally, your study space will be comfortable, roomy enough to spread out, and free of outside distractions. It will also be a place you can access easily so that you can get down to business without wasting time.

Schedule regular breaks. Concentration wanes over time, making your study efforts less effective. Once per hour, take a break for exercise, a snack, or a bit of social time.

Let it go. After each exam, take a few moments to release your anxieties about the test. Do something relaxing and reflect on how hard you worked. You did all that you could; now let go of this semester and look forward to the future.



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