5 New Years Resolutions to Consider

December 24, 2018
Posted in Student Tips
December 24, 2018 ACS

New Year’s Day is rapidly approaching. Have you decided upon a New Year’s resolution yet? While it’s true that anyone can change at any time, this is a popular time of year to establish better habits and set long-term goals. For high school students, especially those looking forward to college in the near future, we suggest you consider the following resolutions…

Get healthier. Research has repeatedly demonstrated a link between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Make a point to hit the gym, try a new sport or exercise class, or simply go for a walk every day. Exercise clears the mind, reduces stress, and boosts your memory and processing power.

Resolve to read more. Yes, you’re required to read as a part of school assignments, but choosing your own books gives you an opportunity to develop yourself in the ways you value. Try a few books related to your anticipated career path, professional development books, self help, or even those related to a new hobby. Reading novels for pleasure is fine, too. You’ll become a more well-rounded person, and being able to teach yourself is a valuable life skill.

Develop a morning routine. If you find yourself feeling stressed and scattered most mornings, it’s time to implement a change in routine. Since those negative feelings often carry over into the rest of the day, identify ways that you can eliminate them. Pack your backpack and choose clothes the night before, set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier, or maybe even give a morning yoga or meditation practice a shot.

Expand your horizons. Decide to make three new friends with people you ordinarily wouldn’t get to know. Commit to volunteer work. Sign up for an interesting club, or try out a new hobby. The idea is to experiment with something outside your usual boundaries (safely, of course) and develop new perspectives.

Re-take the SAT or ACT and achieve a higher score. This is a resolution that will impact your future, for sure. Resolve to study each day, set a test date, and improve your score. In some cases an improved score can open the door to greater scholarship opportunities, or help you gain admission to your top choice school.

On that last note, please give us a call. We can guide you through test preparation so that you can reach your full potential.




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