5 Reasons to Earn High Grades

September 23, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
September 23, 2019 ACS

If you’ve just begun your senior year of high school, be on guard for “senioritis”! Senioritis tends to strike midway through the year, but sometimes a bit earlier. After years of hard work, preparing for standardized tests, and filling out college applications, you might feel completely “over it”.

When senioritis sets in, it can be tempting to let grades slip. Here are five reasons to tough it out, and continue earning good grades for the rest of the year.

College admission isn’t set in stone yet. If one of your top choice schools wait lists you, this is a sign that you still stand a good chance of getting in. But they might check your GPA at midterm, or even just after graduation when they reconsider your application. Keep those scores up, just in case.

You can still apply for scholarships. Some scholarships have been decided at this point, but you might identify other opportunities later in the year. Plus, if you continue to impress your teachers, one of them will probably be happy to write a compelling recommendation letter for you.

You might earn a discount on car insurance. Some auto insurance carriers offer a discount to students with high grade point averages. It can’t hurt to call and ask! And of course, you need to save every penny possible as you prepare for college.

Don’t break good habits. You’ve worked hard for years, to build reliable study habits. If you get out of practice now, your freshman year of college could present an uncomfortable adjustment.

Make your parents (and grandparents) proud. Here’s a little tip: Relatives and friends tend to offer cash as graduation gifts. If you graduate with honors, some (especially your parents) might feel motivated to throw in a little extra. Parents, in particular, become a bit more generous with items like apartments and cars when their kids prove their willingness to work hard. But don’t tell them we told you that!

Hopefully, at least one of these reasons gives you motivation to tough it out for the rest of the year. Before long, the next phase of your life will begin. Hang in there!



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