5 Reasons to Start a Blog

May 12, 2021
Posted in Student Tips
May 12, 2021 ACS

Almost every business has a blog these days (like this one) but blogging can be so much more than just part of a professional website. Starting your own personal blog can actually bring quite a few unexpected benefits to your life, such as…

Develop your writing ability. Strong writing skills can help you perform better in school, get into the college of your choice, and earn higher scores on standardized tests. You can even win essay contests or score valuable scholarships. But everyone has to start somewhere, and like many pastimes, practice makes perfect. Writing a blog can help you develop this skill that will serves you well for years to come.

Explore your talents or interests. If you start a niche blog on a particular topic, it will inspire you to dig more deeply into your talents and interests. You might even discover a lifelong passion that leads to a rewarding career.

Make new connections. Bloggers often make connections with other bloggers, and you never know where these connections will lead. Work hard to provide inspiring content for your audience, and this networking can serve you well in surprising ways.

Confront your fears. Many of us experience anxiety about “putting ourselves out there” on the internet. Blogging is a good way to push past those fears. You control the content, so you never have to share anything too personal, but it’s a great way to learn how to express yourself in front of an audience.

Impress college admissions counselors. All this hard work to develop your writing skills, personality, and presentation could pay off in the future. Yes, you can list your blog as a hobby or pastime on your college applications! In fact, a well-developed blog on an interesting topic could help you stand out from the crowd. College admissions boards strive to put together diverse freshman classes, and a blog is a great way to showcase your skills in a particular area.

Choose a blogging platform and decide on a topic for your blog, and get started now. If nothing else, a blog can become a great way to record your thoughts and experiences during this rapidly changing period of your life.


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