5 Ways to Boost Your Motivation

September 11, 2017
Posted in Student Tips
September 11, 2017 ACS

Sometimes, no matter how much you love school, it can become a drag. This is true for even the most serious of students. When you do the same things, day in and day out, it’s normal to begin wishing you were doing almost anything else.

But of course, regular and consistent studying is the best way to achieve your goals. So how do you retain your motivation, even when you’d prefer to be having fun instead?

Break up large projects into small, manageable goalposts. Anyone would feel overwhelmed and disinterested if they decided, “This weekend I will write a 20-page paper”. Yikes, that’s so much all at once! Promise yourself that you’ll write four pages per day, over five days, and the project will feel more manageable.

Talk to a mentor. Everyone needs skilled mentors who can offer motivation during slumps. Whether it’s a guidance counselor, a parent, a teacher, or an older friend, identify the people who know how to boost your spirits. Ask them for help before you’re overwhelmed.

Set up a reward system. Think about what motivates you, and then establish a system of rewards. Go for a long bike ride after a study session, grab a candy bar after you finish your writing for the day, or eat your favorite meal when midterms are over.

Challenge yourself. Sometimes, your course work can get boring when it feels as though you’re doing similar assignments over and over. Try tackling these repetitive assignments from a different point of view. If you usually write essays for creative writing assignments, challenge yourself to try a poem next time. If you usually choose authors with similar viewpoints for your novel critiques, try reading something by a writer with an opposing viewpoint.

Set up visual reminders. You need to remember why you’re doing all of this hard work. What are your long-term goals? Place brochures from your favorite college on your desk. Cut out a picture of your dream car, or photos that represent your ideal career, and make a vision board. Picture yourself living a lifestyle enjoying the fruits of your hard work and success. Most importantly, focus on the value of the education you’re earning. It’s helping you to become a better person – and that reward is priceless.



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