5 Ways to Master High School Math

September 27, 2021
Posted in Student Tips
September 27, 2021 ACS

Math is one of those subjects that provokes intense debate. Some people love it, but many students dread math. Either way, it’s a part of our lives whether we like it or not. These five tips will help you create better habits and assist you in mastering your math classes.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Sometimes it can be intimidating to ask questions in class because you might feel like you’re the only one that “doesn’t get it.”  However, more often than not, when you have a question, other students have the same question!  Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or further explanation when you’re having trouble understanding something.

Turn off your phone. We know you’ve heard it before. But keeping your phone turned on will only add to distractions as every beep, boop, and buzz interrupts your concentration. Turn it off so that you can focus solely on your math homework. You’ll get finished more quickly that way.

Try studying in a group. Groups aren’t for everyone, but it’s worth a shot. Learning in a group can help you to pick up new strategies that you might not have considered on your own.

Sometimes you need to experiment a bit to identify the right group of people with which to study. Choose at least one or two friends who excel at math, and avoid anyone who brings outside distractions into study time.

Work a problem backward. Once you’ve finished a problem, work it from the bottom up. Sometimes it can be easier to spot mistakes this way. It’s also a great way to better understand the method.

Try studying at a different time of day. We don’t all learn in exactly the same ways. Some people concentrate best first thing in the morning, while others need the solitude of late evening. Some people even concentrate best in the middle of a day, sitting in a loud, crowded room. Go figure! Finding your ideal study setting and time is important, and will continue to help you learn well into the future.

And of course, always check in with your teacher when you’re feeling overwhelmed. They can help you identify the source of any problems and get back on track.


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