6 Things To Do During The Summer Before Freshman Year

June 11, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
June 11, 2019 ACS

Yearbooks have been signed, graduation speeches have been delivered, and you’ve chosen your future university. Now the countdown to freshman year begins. But there’s no need to simply watch the clock until move-in day. Tackle these six tasks over the summer, and you will find yourself even more prepared for a successful freshman year of college.

Get a summer job. Not only can you save up some much-needed cash; the job experience will add another item to your resume.

Snag an awesome internship. Look for an internship related to your anticipated major and future career field. This is a good time to give your prospective path a test run, to see if it’s actually a good fit. After all, you still have time to change your major, and sooner is better than later if you decide to explore other options.

Get familiar with your campus. Don’t wait until your first week at school, or you could find yourself scrambling to locate the textbook center or cafeteria. Visit your intended school to find buildings and offices that you will need during the first few weeks of classes. If you can’t visit, at least study a map or take an online tour (check YouTube).

Practice your time management skills. With a job and/or internship, you should have plenty of opportunity to juggle responsibilities. Schedule other “adulting” tasks like laundry, establishing a bank account, summer reading, and so on, so that you begin to switch your mindset toward your priorities.

Continue working on your writing skills. You could journal, blog, or take a summer writing workshop. Writing skills are like muscles; give them a workout, and you will enter college strong and ready to impress.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule. Resist your nocturnal temptations, and maintain a regular sleep schedule. Sticking with healthy habits now means you won’t suffer an uncomfortable adjustment during the first week of classes. You will thank yourself when that first 8:00 class rolls around!



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