6 Things to Do Before Your Freshman Year Begins

July 6, 2020
Posted in Student Tips
July 6, 2020 ACS

You’ve been dreaming of this moment for years, and now the time is drawing closer: Soon you will begin your freshman year of college. As you enter the home stretch of this long wait, add these items to your summer to-do list.

Save up a little more cash. Ask for extra hours at work, hold a garage sale, sell some old stuff online, babysit the neighbor’s kids, or pick up a few odd jobs. Those are just a few ideas, but you get the point. Saving up some extra cash now will mean more money for cool gear at your college bookstore or fun nights out with new friends as the semester gets underway.

Research college majors. Unless you’re absolutely positive of your intended career path, you still have a big decision ahead of you. Spend some extra time researching college majors and the career paths that could be open to you.

Practice your people skills. Soon you’ll be immersed in an entirely new environment, meeting new people every day. That’s enough to make even the most enthusiastic social butterfly feel a bit shy. Practice making eye contact with strangers, try being a bit more outgoing at work, and pick up a book on people skills if you feel extra awkward. Developing this strength now will help you make friends and settle into your new life more quickly.

Investigate your upcoming employment options. If you want to land a part time job once you arrive on campus, start making a list of potential opportunities now. Investigate jobs on campus or within close proximity (keeping in mind whether you will have access to transportation). Create a resume and have copies ready to go.

Talk to your future roommate. If you’re going to have a roommate, open up the lines of communication now. Try to agree on some basic ground rules, such as quiet hours and chores like cleaning, so that you can transition smoothly into your new living situation.

Attend campus orientation. If your campus offers an orientation weekend, go for it! Given the current pandemic situation, orientation might occur online or in smaller groups than usual, so choose the option that feels safest to you. Whatever you decide, put your best foot forward and start making friends now. Orientation will make your first weeks on campus more fun and fulfilling.



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