6 Ways To Make a Difference in Your Community

November 2, 2020
Posted in Student Tips
November 2, 2020 ACS

Volunteer work can be personally fulfilling, and can even help you achieve credit hours in certain courses. But perhaps the best benefit is that volunteer work looks great on resumes and college applications. Whatever your reasons, you might wonder which organizations are looking for help. The following ideas can get you started.

American Red Cross. From donating blood to working regular hours, there are plenty of ways to help American Red Cross. You can even start a Red Cross Club at your school.

The Humane Society or other area animal shelters. Some of the work will be a bit dirty, but you will also get the chance to love on some adorable furbabies. Most animal shelters are always eager for volunteers to help clean cages, walk dogs, and perform other routine tasks.

Meals on Wheels. In most cases you will need a driver’s license in order to volunteer for Meals on Wheels, but there might be other ways to help out. Give them a call to find out, and you can help seniors in your community access fresh, nutritious meals.

Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity accepts young volunteers to help with everything from affordable housing advocacy to actual construction work. Volunteering with this organization means you can help to literally build your community.

Best Buddies. Millions of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (like Down Syndrome or autism) suffer from social isolation. In addition to loneliness, these individuals often live with economic disadvantages as well. The Best Buddies program advocates for partnerships between volunteers and the disabled, leading to a fulfilling experience for everyone.

DoSomething.org. Check out this website for more opportunities to connect with millions of young volunteers worldwide. There’s something for everyone, addressing causes such as poverty, violence, education, the environment, and much more.

As you explore your options, keep future career aspirations in mind. There’s no rule that you must volunteer in that particular area first, but gaining some experience can help you feel more certain of your path. And since volunteer work looks great on scholarship applications, it might “pay off” in other ways, too!


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