6 Ways to Stay Busy This Summer

June 14, 2021
Posted in Student Tips
June 14, 2021 ACS

The school year is finally over, and it’s time for students to enjoy a well-earned and much-needed break. But at the same time, we all remember how summer break can seem to fly by, with one day blurring into the next. Before you know it, school will be back in session, and you’ll be wondering “where did all that time go?” In order to stay on a regular sleep schedule and earn a feeling of accomplishment, engage in some of these productive activities over the summer.

Get a job. Whether babysitting, grass cutting, or working in a local store, a summer job is a great way to learn valuable work and life skills. It will also look good on resumes and college applications, while helping beef up college savings.

Volunteer. Volunteering is another activity that makes a terrific impression on your record. It also feels good, helps you make new friends, and helps you develop a wider perspective on the world.

Get some exercise. Head to the pool, go hiking with friends, go for bike rides, sign up for a cool yoga class, or just walk around town. Whatever activity interests you, engage in it regularly. An active, healthy body often leads to a regular sleep schedule and improved learning.

Read. When books are assigned readings, they can often feel less than thrilling. Summer is your chance to read books that you choose.

Learn something new. Snag some language software, check out a book on cake decorating, or ask an adult friend to shadow them at work. Learning new skills makes you a more well-rounded person, and you might discover a passion that could turn into a career.

Get organized. Now is your chance to clean out your closet, tidy up your desk, and finally feel organized. Hold a garage sale, and make a little side cash off of things you were going to toss anyway.

As you might imagine, staying busy can prevent sleeping until noon, boredom, loneliness, and “backsliding” academically. When it’s time to start school in the fall, you’ll feel balanced, prepared, and ready to learn.


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