7 Ways to Get Ahead This Summer

May 31, 2017
Posted in Student Tips
May 31, 2017 ACS

Summer break is approaching, and right now nothing sounds better than sleeping til noon or chilling at the beach. But because college (and life beyond college) is quickly approaching, you could also use some of this time to get ahead of the curve.

For example, you could…

Boost your resume. Your combined academic and personal experiences will help you get into your favorite school, land internships, or even score the perfect job after college graduation. Boost your resume by taking on volunteer work, a part-time job related to your intended field of study, or even a hobby that helps you grow your skills.

Speaking of a job… If you’re worried about the cost of college (and everyone should be) a part-time job can help you save money. Even if you land a full scholarship, you’ll be glad for the savings, which you can use for living expenses or fun stuff like gear for your dorm room.

Look into study abroad options. Now that you’re not stressing about one exam after another, you can really explore your options. Do you want to study abroad one day? Summer is the perfect opportunity to investigate alternative learning environments.

Learn a language. Speaking of studying abroad, summer is the perfect time to pick up some foreign language software. You can boost the language skills you’ve already learned, or venture into a language that isn’t offered at your school.

Develop better habits. Throughout the school year, you’ve probably developed some less-than-terrific coping mechanisms. Maybe you don’t get enough sleep, or you drink too many caffeinated beverages, or you don’t exercise regularly, or you spend too much time engrossed in social media. Identify the habits that are holding you back, and work on them right now, while your stress level is low.

Live one of your long-time dreams. There is more to success (and happiness) than good grades and a rewarding career. What else do you dream about doing? Now that you have a little free time, you can learn to surf, pick up a musical instrument, backpack that trail, or anything else you’ve been putting on hold.

Practice exam skills, and work on your college entrance essays. It’s actually easier to learn test or writing skills when you don’t have a high-pressure deadline hanging over your head. Give us a call to learn more about test preparation or writing skill development, and we can work with you to increase your confidence in these areas.


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