7 Ways to Ward Off Senioritis

January 21, 2020
Posted in Student Tips
January 21, 2020 ACS

As your last semester of high school gets underway, you might find yourself suffering (well, enjoying) a bad case of Senioritis. After nearly four years of high school, you’re feeling completely “over it” and ready to move on to college. But of course, every grade still counts and you want to make the most of your last few months of high school… So try these seven tips to ward off Senioritis.

Focus on each day. Part of the problem is that a list of chores lies between you and your long-awaited freedom. Try not to focus on that entire list of tests, papers, and graduation to-dos. Instead, make a daily list each morning and set out to accomplish those tasks. This will keep you focused on the present and performing your best.

Get out and get some exercise. Exercise and sunlight both boost endorphin production, leading to overall better mood and feelings of happiness. Take advantage of sunny days and get outside. Or, at the very least, head to the gym to burn off some steam.

Talk to a trusted adult. Your parents, an older sibling, or your guidance counselor can provide some much-needed perspective. Remember, they’ve been through this themselves.

Set an achievement goal. Instead of focusing on the list of grueling chores you must complete in order to earn your diploma, try to view this last semester as a challenge. Strive to write your best final paper ever, or increase your GPA ranking.

Pick up a few hours at work. As the semester winds down, you might find yourself with more free time. Pick up a few extra hours at your job; you can boost your college savings while distracting yourself from Senioritis.

Reward yourself. When you reach a milestone, reward yourself with cool gear for your dorm room or apparel from your future university. You’ll need it all soon enough!

Enjoy your spring break. This year, you won’t be prepping for the SATs during spring break. Make a plan to visit your intended university, or take a road trip with friends to visit a bucket list destination. Getting a taste of freedom and fun will help tide you over til Fall semester.



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