8 Reasons Why Students Should Learn the Art of Public Speaking

March 7, 2018
Posted in Student Tips
March 7, 2018 ACS

At some point during your academic career, you will be offered the opportunity to take a course on public speaking. Many students will shy away from these classes, because public speaking can be nerve-wracking for a lot of us. However, we really recommend that you go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity, because…

It’s the best way to spread your message. If you want to communicate an important message to a large group of people, public speaking is the way to go. People pay attention to those who possess the ability to communicate this way, whereas many will ignore emails, social media posts, or online petitions.

Job skills. Most of the time, you will be invited to an interview before getting a job. Once you’re employed, you will need to talk to the public, or even make sales. Speaking skills will help you in a variety of employment situations.

Conversational skills. You know those long, awkward pauses that sometimes happen during conversations? Learning public speaking skills can help you avoid those. Just imagine how that might come in handy during college entrance interviews!

You’ll need to do it sooner or later. It’s a rare person who can get through life without ever having to speak in public. You will need this ability in college, in post-graduate studies, and certainly throughout your career. Learning it now gives you more time to hone your skills.

Make a real difference in the world. Good public speakers are often the people who hold the most respect in their communities, at work, and even in their personal lives. Learning how to present yourself in this way will make you a more powerful and influential person.

Boost your skills in other areas. Learning how to speak to groups will also teach you skills that you can use in other areas of your life. You will learn more about reading and understanding other people, develop superior communication skills, and become a leader rather than a follower.

Earn a higher salary. In your future career, it is likely that 90 percent of your co-workers will shy away from speaking opportunities. Having this skill puts the spotlight on you, earning you bonus points with your employer (and probably a few promotions).

Confidence. Mastering (or at least getting comfortable with) public speaking will build your confidence. And of course, confidence is important in just about every area of life!


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