8 Reasons to Read Over the Summer

June 11, 2018
Posted in Student Tips
June 11, 2018 ACS

So, what are your plans for summer break?

Obviously, you’re going to enjoy some much-deserved rest. You might be working at a part time job, or go on a vacation with your family. And hopefully, you’ll have plenty of fun.

But – and please hear us out – there are also reasons to engage in some reading this summer. It doesn’t have to be grueling; you can choose books you enjoy, or simply read the newspaper (or articles from your news feed) each morning. Just a few hours of reading each week can help you in numerous ways, such as…

Build your vocabulary. A richer vocabulary will boost your scores on papers and tests. You will also feel more confident in college entrance or job interviews.

You won’t fall out of practice. Simply put, we become weaker in the skills we don’t use. Reading over the summer will keep your comprehension and speed skills up to par, so you can continue succeeding in high school.

Reading prepares you for college. Reading comprehension and writing skills become even more important in college. You will also begin to recognize common themes in literature, which often carry over into psychology, sociology, and other fields.

Stay on top of what’s happening. Reading the news will help you keep up with current events.

Develop new interests. Colleges prefer applicants with well-rounded interests and experiences. Reading is one way to broaden your knowledge base and gain insight into new topics.

New perspectives lend inspiration. Broadening those experiences and insights will come in handy when you write college application essays, attend interviews, choose topics for future projects and papers, and apply for scholarships.

You can do it anywhere. Even if it sounds like a chore, at least it’s an easy one! You can tote a book or tablet just about anywhere you go (like on vacations with your family).  At least you’ll have something to do on long layovers.

Reading is fun. If you haven’t enjoyed it in the past, that might be because teachers were always choosing your books for you. This summer, you have the opportunity to choose your own reading materials. So, delve into a topic that has always interested you, or try something new on a whim. You might find that you enjoy reading far more than you ever thought possible.


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