8 Study Tips to Help You Ace Midterms

December 9, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
December 9, 2019 ACS

If you’re like most students, you’re ready to finish this semester and enjoy winter break. But first you have to tackle midterm exams. These tips can help you study for midterms without stressing out, and earn successful grades so that you can enter next semester on your best possible footing.

Break it up. Study in 30- to 50-minute increments, and take 10-minute breaks in between. Get up and walk around during break time, grab a drink or snack, or chat with study partners. Avoid social media, though, because ten minutes on Instagram can turn into thirty before you realize it.

Make a schedule. Decide which topics you’ll cover each day, and stick to a study schedule so that you won’t need to “cram” the night before a test.

Switch up your study spots. You might feel energized and motivated by changing your study locations each day. Get out of your bedroom and head to the library, a cafe, the park, or somewhere else. Keep it fresh and interesting, and it won’t feel like such a drag.

Divide your responsibilities. Form a study group, and divvy up the chores. One person can tackle a list of definitions, while another makes handy flashcards, while another drafts a helpful chart, and so on. Then take turns teaching each other. Bonus: This is more fun, and is more effective for many students than studying alone.

Try classical music. Some studies have shown that listening to classical music during study sessions aids in recall of information. Of course, keep the volume low or else you might just find the music distracting.

Exercise. Don’t study so hard that you forget to exercise. Twenty minutes of cardio can actually improve your memory.

Change up your strategy. Study groups work better for some subjects, while you prefer to work alone for others. Maybe you even need a tutor for math or something else. It’s okay to change up your study strategy depending on what works best in each area.

Communicate with your teachers. They want you to succeed. Reach out to them with any questions or concerns, and they will be happy to share resources . Just don’t wait until the last minute!



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