Boost Productivity Over Spring Break

March 11, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
March 11, 2019 ACS

For many of us, spring break is rapidly approaching. And while that means some much-deserved rest, and perhaps a bit of beach time, you probably don’t want to fall behind on other goals, either. For example, you’re still completing financial aid applications, researching colleges, looking for scholarship opportunities, studying for standardized tests, or working toward boosting your GPA. Whatever your particular goal, keep these tips in mind to stay grounded and productive over the break.

Stay on your regular routine. It’s tempting to binge Netflix all night and then sleep all day, but you’ll just set yourself up for a weird form of jet lag when you return to classes. Try to stay on your usual schedule. Get up early, eat breakfast, and tackle your to-do list for the day.

Get some exercise and fresh air. Exercise is known to boost brain power and energy levels. Plus, now is the time to get out of stuffy classrooms and enjoy some fresh air!

Set at least one “spring break goal”. Obviously, this won’t be the same for everyone. Finish your test prep if you’re expecting to take the SAT or ACT soon. Or, decide that this is the week you’ll finally choose a college. Maybe you need to apply for at least five more private scholarships. Perhaps you want to pick up some extra hours at work and boost your savings.

Get ahead just a bit. Once classes get started again, you’ll be cramming a large amount of work into the last part of the semester. If you know you have reading assignments, projects, or big papers due in a few weeks, get started on those goals now. Set up a schedule, get your first readings out of the way, or gather supplies and sources so that you’re set up and ready to hit the ground running.

Stick to your plan. Leave yourself some unscheduled time, so that you can happily take advantage of impromptu hang-outs with friends or fun activities. Otherwise, turn off your phone while you’re working toward a goal. Uninterrupted concentration just means you’ll get finished much faster.


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