Class of 2020 Puma Pride

April 6, 2020
April 6, 2020 ACS

Advanced College Solutions is proud to shine a well-deserved spotlight on three of the top young women in Chaparral High School’s Class of 2020: Allison Casasola, Charlene Miciano, and Giuliana Duron. It has been a pleasure to work with each of these outstanding individuals throughout their high school careers and witness their many accomplishments.

They have been friends and competitors for many years. Each of them is exceptionally talented and driven carving out their own unique path to success. All of them were drawn to the sciences. Giuliana is passionate about social science especially public policy and international affairs. Allison is fascinated with everything and anything connected to computer science. And Charlene is   captivated by the medical sciences at a local and global level.

All three pursued their passions and became leaders in their activities. They drove each other to try harder and do more with each passing year. Sometimes it was challenging to be so close and yet so competitive, but they maintained their friendship and never stopped encouraging each other to push boundaries.

The healthy competition continued this year as they applied to colleges. All three were rewarded for their hard work by being accepted to Ivy League and Ivy Like schools! We are so proud of their amazing success, and very grateful to have shared in their journey.


  • Charlene Miciano has committed to Yale for the fall
  • Giuliana Duron is deciding between her Ivy League and Stanford acceptances
  • Allison Casasola is deciding between Harvard and Stanford

We look forward to seeing where their amazing paths will take them as they look ahead to the next chapter. GO PUMAS!


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