Did Your Dream College Wait List You?

April 24, 2014
April 24, 2014 ACS

You spent your high school career working hard, achieving excellent grades, scoring well on the college admissions tests, and doing what you thought was everything you needed to do to get into your #1 college. Unfortunately, this college has put you on its “wait list.”

So, is there still a chance you will be admitted to your dream college?

According to Jay Mathews of The Washington Post, you still have a shot, but there are some specific things to do to increase your chances of being one of the students chosen off of that wait list.

Here is what Mathews suggests:

  • First, go ahead and accept admission to the next best college on your list that accepted you. Remember that most colleges have a May 1st deadline.
  • After doing that, inform the college that put you on its wait list that you still want to be on its wait list.
  • Contact the admissions office of the college that placed you on its wait list and ask for the name of the person responsible for communicating to students who have been placed on the wait list.
  • Now, write a letter!

Mathews explains that this letter may be the difference in you ultimately being accepted by your #1 college. In the first paragraph of your letter, you need to let the admissions officer know that the college is still your first choice, and then you need to explain in detail why this is true.

In your letter, give three reasons why this college is your top choice, spending at least one paragraph on each reason. Explain why this college completely matches your dreams and show how this college has what other colleges may lack. You may want to identify things such as specific departments at the college and why they are unique, or possible facilities the college has that will enable you to pursue your major.

After you have completed that, you will need to identify three of your personal strengths that you possess that will enhance the college. Mathews gives examples such as your design ideas match what is happening in the art department and  the experience you have at food drives will help the local community.

Finally, end your letter by writing about what you and the college can do together. All of this information will show the college that placed you on its wait list not only how important the college is to you, but why.

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