Fall To-Do List for Juniors and Seniors

September 25, 2017
September 25, 2017 ACS

Each year is a brand-new opportunity to renovate yourself both personally and academically. Now that school has begun, you face a chance to make this year your best yet!

Last week, we shared some tips for freshmen and sophomores, to help them understand where their focus should lie this year. If you’re a junior or senior in high school, this week’s list is for you.

Juniors. Believe it or not, your junior year is the most important in terms of college acceptance. When you apply to colleges, this will be your most recent complete year of school, so keep a close eye on your grades.

This fall, focus on the ACT or SAT exam. Keep in mind that most students take their chosen exam at least twice, to try and achieve the highest possible score. Take an exam prep course, so that you go into your first exam well prepared. Then, if you decide to take the test again, you’ll just be fine tuning your skills.

Also begin making a list of colleges that interest you. Understanding their admissions requirements can help you understand how to direct your efforts for the rest of the year. Spring semester is a good time to begin visiting those schools.

Seniors. Hopefully, you’ve now completed your standardized testing and you’re ready to begin applying to colleges. Get organized now! Some schools require admissions applications to be submitted as early as October.

This is also the time to begin investigating your funding options.  Research private scholarships. Many of these require essays, so you might need to set aside regular time to spend on these applications each week.

If you’ve chosen to apply to some competitive schools, keep in mind that they’re looking for students who are passionate about learning (and that school, in particular). You can get an edge over the competition by regularly communicating with admissions counselors, visiting the school, and even sitting in on a few classes. Contact your intended academic department and speak with an advisor about your options.

Between Prom and graduation activities, Spring semester will be one of the most fun times of your life, and you deserve to enjoy it. Just remember to keep up with all due dates and exams, so that you can continue preparing for a successful academic career in college.


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