High School Sports: We Will Play, But Later

July 21, 2020
Posted in Student Tips
July 21, 2020 ACS

The pandemic response has affected nearly every area of our lives, and we all anxiously wait to see how these changes will impact high school and college classes for the upcoming year. But student life isn’t all about math and science; we all enjoy our sports, too. And for student athletes hoping for scholarship opportunities in the future, these decisions carry extra significance.

That’s why we’re happy to bring you a bit of good news: Yes, we will enjoy sports this year! While the state has decided to postpone regular athletic seasons a bit, we can at least look forward to the promise of our favorite events.

Normally, high school sports are divided into fall, winter, and spring seasons. The new plan eliminates fall sports, in hopes that the coronavirus pandemic will be well under control by winter. Therefore, football will kick off in January instead of August, with practices starting in December. News on other sports has yet to be announced, but we can expect them to be delayed in a similar fashion.

Officials are planning for full schedules for each sport, allowing for sectional playoffs along with regional and state championships in all sports.

Yes, this schedule could pose a challenge for student athletes who pursue multiple activities. With three seasons of sports now condensed into just the winter and spring, some may face difficult choices. It might help to begin communicating with your coaches now, in hopes of balancing practices and game schedules.

In the meantime, consider this break from sports as an opportunity to devote yourself to academic success. Focus on earning your best grades this fall, staying safe, and washing your hands regularly. As we continue to battle coronavirus together, let’s look forward to an exciting new beginning of sports in 2021.



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