The Importance of Taking Advanced Placement Classes

September 1, 2014
September 1, 2014 ACS

Many high school students have to make that important decision whether to take an Advanced Placement class or classes. There are many upsides to taking AP classes during your high school career, and a recent article by college admissions expert Allen Grove shows why you should choose to take these classes.

1. Bolster Your Application Resume

One of the most important factors in the college admissions process is your academic transcript. The admissions office of the colleges and universities you are applying to want to see that you have challenged yourself by taking the most rigorous classes possible. In addition, taking AP classes shows the admissions office that you are serious about your education and prepared to tackle the classes offered at the next level.

2. Show You Have the College Level Academic Skills Needed

Taking AP classes requires you to use more high-level critical thinking skills that you will definitely need in college. Showing that you can write a masterpiece of an essay and solve difficult problems in mathematics will allow you to be successful when you enter college.

3. Allows You to Have a Second Major or Minor More Easily

If you are a motivated student who knows you want to have a double major or want to minor in something that interests you, taking AP classes in high school will allow you to achieve this more easily. Having those credits upon entering college, you will be able to focus on a second major and/or a minor.

4.  Allows You to take More Elective Courses in College

By taking AP classes in high school, you enable yourself to take more elective classes in college. At most universities, your major will not leave much room for any type of exploratory classes, so by having AP credits going into college, it frees up your schedule, giving you a plethora of extra choices.

5. You Can Possibly Select Your Major Sooner

An AP class gives you an “in-depth” introduction into a specific subject area, and if you score high on the AP exam, it could count as college credit which allows you to take classes other than the general education classes most freshmen are required to take.

6. Save on the College Expenses

Taking AP classes and scoring high on the AP exams may enable you to go to college with credits, which may lead to you graduating a semester or two early. And with the high cost of college these days, that may be something that interests you.

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