The Importance of Your Extracurricular Activities

December 22, 2014
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December 22, 2014 ACS

Having a great Grade Point Average and high college entrance exams scores are a definite must in putting you at the top of the list of candidates applying to college, but being involved in those extracurricular activities can also help you shine in the eyes of college admissions officers.

Here are a few tips concerning your extracurricular activities:

1. Always list your extracurricular events in order of importance

You have probably been involved in a number of high school clubs, organizations, and sports teams. It’s important that you prioritize your list from most important to least. For example, if you were the captain of your mock trial team for two of the four years. you definitely want to list that in front of playing one year of junior varsity soccer. Look at your list and determine which extracurriculars you were committed to the longest. This shows how important it was to you and will show the college the same thing.

2. Describe your specific responsibilities

It is vital to describe what you accomplished in each extracurricular activity you participated in. Imagine that the person reading your application doesn’t know about the club or organization so be as specific as you can. Donnaree Wynter Grant, an assistant director of admissions events at Northeastern University says, “Don’t use acronyms for titles. I won’t know what the ABC club is unless you explain what it is and your role within the club.” Make sure you spell out what the club is titled, what it involves, and what your position is within the club.

3. Focus on “What” activities you participated in rather than “how” many

It’s more impressive to show that you have been involved in an organization for a number of years than to just list ten clubs you were in for a semester or year. Jane M. Crowley, associate director of undergraduate admissions at Boston College says, “It’s not the number of activities, but the continuity of involvement that is important. Leadership plays a role as well.”

When it comes to deciding the importance of including your extracurricular activities, it’s important to remember “quality over quantity.”

4. Explain how your extracurricular activities will help you succeed in the future

It is a good idea to explain how your involvement in these clubs will help you in your college career and beyond. Michael Parcella, assistant director of undergraduate addmissions at UMass Boston says, “Connecting something you did with how you would succeed in college is a good way to present your past.”

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