Important Tips to be Prepared for the College Interview

July 10, 2013
July 10, 2013 ACS

For those of you who are going to be high school seniors in the fall, you may be required to go through an interview for the college you are applying to. This is a great opportunity to impress the ones interviewing you.

According to Cristiana Quinn, an advisor for college bound students, the goal of you interview is for the interviewer to get a good sense of who you are as an individual and how you will be contributing to the university.

The following are some important tips provided by Quinn that will help you out in your college interview:

1. Remember to Dress for Success

It is not necessary to wear a suit, but you do need to wear something nice, such as a nice pair of pants or slacks and a nice blouse or ironed shirt. Quinn expresses that this is not the time to show your fashion by wearing tattered jeans, your favorite heavy metal shirt, skimpy shorts, or a low-cut blouse.

2. Make sure you do your Homework

Know the college that is interviewing you. Make sure you visit the college web site and read up on new buildings, professors who have won awards, and what the student initiatives are. It is also a good idea to know you potential major and anything about it as it relates to the college. If you went on a tour or saw something intriguing on the web site, let the interviewer know. In addition, make sure to have some questions of your own about the college. You knowing information about the college will show the interviewer that you are really interested in going to that college.

3. Remember your Etiquette

Quinn says that it is important to know that the interviewer is looking for mature students. She suggests that when you are approached at the beginning of the interview, be the first to put out your hand to introduce yourself, always look him or her in eye, give a firm handshake and maintain eye contact throughout your interview. Also remember your posture; sit up straight and try to display positive body language. It is also important to smile often and remain positive, leaving any negative comments about high school out of the interview.

Another etiquette tip is to turn your cell phone off.  Better yet… don’t even bring it with you to the interview.

4. Be Prepared to Market Yourself

The interviewer has seen your grades, test scores, and read your application so make sure you come prepared with information the interviewer doesn’t know about you. Also try to stay away from giving one or two word answers. If you are asked, “What’s one word that describes your character?” give the answer and then give an example or two that proves your answer.

5. What do you want to know?

The interviewer will undoubtedly ask you what you would like to know about the university. Make sure you have 3-5 questions which you could not have learned just by looking at the college web site. Quinn suggests asking about the most popular extra-curricular activities, new facilities at the college in your field of study, or possible internships available for incoming freshmen.

6. The Post Interview

When the interview is over, make sure you shake the interviewer’s hand, thank him or her and tell the interviewer that you are highly interested in attending the university. Then, once you get home, it is a great idea to immediately write a thank you letter, expressing again how you really want to attend that university.

If you know that the college you are applying to will require an interview and you have any questions about making the best of your interview, please contact us and we can meet and discuss what you need to do to be best prepared for the interview process.



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