Make Your Spring Break Count

March 12, 2018
Posted in Student Tips
March 12, 2018 ACS

Spring break is rapidly approaching… What are you planning to do?

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a beach trip or otherwise just kicking back and having fun, many of you might be wondering how you can take advantage of the break. This might be the perfect time to add something interesting to your resume, or get ahead on college applications.

Travel. Whether you travel with friends or your family, consider how your travel experience can help you in the future. Art museums, foreign countries, backpacking in the wilderness, and other unique situations can give you inspiration for college entrance essays. Plus, becoming a well-rounded person is always an admirable goal.

Help. “Alternative” spring break programs are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason: You can use your time away from school to do some good in the world, while gaining valuable experience and perspective. You can volunteer for a local charity, or even travel to far-flung locations to help those less fortunate. Not only will these opportunities help with your personal development; they’ll look great on your resume and lend valuable essay topics as well.

Career exploration. Before you make major decisions like choosing a college and a course of study, it’s a good idea to experience your prospective field in person. Ask a local professional if you can “shadow” them or even work part-time during spring break. While one week of experience won’t make you an expert, it will give you a feel for the field and might lead to a summer position. Plus, colleges will take you more seriously if you’ve actually gained experience in your stated field.

Catch up on test preparation. With school work and extracurricular activities requiring most of your attention, you might have fallen behind on your preparations for college entrance exams. If so, it might be wise to stay home, study, and take a few practice tests.

These are just some ideas for making the most of spring break. The idea is to take advantage of free time; have some fun, but remember to leverage this time to your advantage, too!



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