Productive Ways to Spend Your Winter Break

November 13, 2018
Posted in Student Tips
November 13, 2018 ACS

With winter break looming, most of us are looking forward to a break from hectic schedules. But of course, most of us also want to continue making some forward progress toward long-term goals. Last week we reviewed some ways to avoid procrastination over the holidays, so that you can keep your studies and other objectives on track. This week, let’s talk about ways to spend your break productively, to best take advantage of spare time.

Use Netflix to your advantage. Yes, it’s tempting to catch up on your favorite dramas over the break (and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself). But while you’re on Netflix, check out a few documentaries. You might gain insight into a topic you had never considered, or develop a new passion.

Visit a museum. You’ll want to get out of the house during winter break, or you might even be traveling to visit family. Now is the perfect time to visit an interesting museum, and expand your “book knowledge” with some real world experience.

Pick up a part time job. Babysit, help with lawn cleanup, wrap gifts, or otherwise find a way to earn some spare cash over the break. You could use the money for your next college visit.

De-clutter your desk, backpack, and bedroom. As silly as it sounds, physical clutter contributes to mental clutter. You will find it easier to concentrate and keep yourself on track toward goals when you kick the clutter out of your life. This rule goes for your email inbox and text messages, too.

Learn one new skill. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn, but you didn’t have time? Adding new skills to your repertoire helps you to become a more well-rounded person, and might even lend you a topic for college entrance essays. You might also want to consider learning skills that you will need in order to live on your own, such as cooking, balancing a checking account, or changing a tire or the oil in your car.

Review goals for next semester. It’s always easier to meet small, regular goals, than to aim toward one finish line in the distant future. Take the time to set attainable benchmarks from now until June.




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