Using Your Social Media Accounts to Your Advantage

December 11, 2014
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December 11, 2014 ACS

High school students know that getting into college can be a very competitive task. Achieving a high grade point average, scoring high on the college entrance exams, and taking challenging and rigorous classes put you into that upper echelon pool of applicants.

But what else can you do to make yourself “stand out” to the college admissions officers?

The answer may just be in your “social media.”

According to a recent article, here are some tips you can use to make your social media accounts impress the college admissions officers.

1. Tumblr

Many colleges have Tumblr accounts of their own, so what you need to do is follow the account of any college that you are interested in. Just remember that you are attempting to share information about “you” that will make you unique. So, post original content.

And, once your profile is up and running, look for official accounts sponsored by the colleges you are interested in. In addition to following them, occasionally re-blog the posts. You can even look for accounts run by the admissions department and/or the admissions staff.

2. Pinterest

Similar to Tumblr, but with less linear display, Pinterest allows a viewer to receive a large-scale visual summary of your interests and personality.

You can express who you are by creating a collage of your interests and accomplishments.

3. Facebook

College admissions departments are just beginning to thoroughly explore social media, and many are starting with Facebook. Some colleges have a “generic” profile for the whole university, while others split out an entirely different group for prospective and incoming students.

Your profile can serve as a “picture” of your place within a larger society. You should consider what issues and current events you will post.

Remember–  ALWAYS maintain a positive image and high moral standards with all of your social media accounts.  One inappropriate photo on your Facebook page could lead to bad results.

4. Reddit

Here, you can Reddit as an excellent opportunity to showcase your enthusiasm for your interests and passions. You can show your ability to hold a civil conversation, contribute meaningfully to discussions and display the full range of the interests you have.

After you have built your accounts, it is a good idea to send an email to a recruiter at a college of interest or the admissions office and include a link to all of your profiles.

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