Statistics Show California Universities Difficult to Get Into

May 8, 2014 ACS

For all of you high school juniors that are planning on going to a four-year college in California once you graduate in 2015, the statistics are in showing how increasingly more difficult it is becoming to being accepted due to the large number of applicants.

The University of California system continues to have a record number of applicants, led by UCLA, which received more applications for the fall of 2014 than any other UC school. UCLA, with its 86,472 freshman applicants, is the most applied-to-four-year university in the nation. Overall, applications for undergraduate admissions at UC campuses rose for the 10th consecutive year.

In addition, UCLA showed that diversity increased among applicants this year, as Chicanos/Latinos, African-Americans, and Native Americans applied in greater numbers than in previous years.

Even though the number of California high school graduates is projected to drop in 2014, UCLA saw a 1.7% jump in the number of California freshman applications. Statistics also showed that 42% of UCLA’s freshman applicants would be first-generation college students and 37% would come from low-income families.

Making it more difficult to get into UCLA, the academic quality of the applicants, measured by high school grade point average, SAT and ACT scores, and the number of academic courses completed, remains extremely high.

UC Berkeley received 73,711 applications for freshman admission for the fall of 2014, an increase of almost 8% compared to last year.
UC Berkeley spokesperson Janet Gilmore said, “The increase in applications shows that interest in attending UC Berkeley remains high. We’re pleased to see that, year after year, demand remains high, at record levels, and the academic strength of the applicant pool remains high as well.”

UC San Diego received 73,356 freshman applications for the fall of 2014, up 8.8% from last year. In addition, the mean high school GPA for freshman is 3.79 and all SAT reasoning test average scores increased as well.

UCSD Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla said, “UCSD’s global reputation as an academic powerhouse has attracted many talented and well-qualified students. Our rankings as one of the top universities in the world are testament to why UC San Diego continues to enroll the best and the brightest students from all backgrounds.”

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo received its highest number of applications in history this year as 43,794 high school seniors applied. Over the past decade, Cal Poly has nearly doubled its number of applicants. And, while Cal Poly’s application numbers continue to rise drastically, its enrollment figures haven’t climbed quickly, making it even more difficult to be accepted.

As you can see, getting accepted to a college, especially in California, is increasingly becoming more difficult. That is why scoring well on the SAT and ACT, and having an attack plan to get into college is so important.

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