Students: Plan Your Summer Experience Now

December 26, 2017
Posted in Student Tips
December 26, 2017 ACS

We hope you’re enjoying your much-deserved winter break, and that you’re getting ready to start Spring semester on the right foot. But as you know, summer break will arrive in just a few months. It might seem a bit early to even think about summer, but the reality is that part-time jobs, internships, and other summer experiences tend to be snatched up quickly by mid-spring. It’s time to at least think about how you hope to spend your summer.

Add value to your resume. Whatever you eventually choose to do, we hope that you select an experience that is both fun and rewarding for you personally. Having said that, keep in mind that this choice can add significant value to your resume and college applications. Admissions panels will consider how your extracurricular experiences have helped you learn well-rounded educational and life skills.

Further your expertise in a particular area. If you’re a rising soccer star or enthusiastic ballet dancer, for example, you might consider planning your summer around an intensive experience in those areas. Many college campuses – including your top choice schools – host summer camps in a variety of sports and artistic fields.

Try out your future career. Before selecting a college and major based upon a theoretical career choice, why not try it on for size? Look for part-time jobs or internships in your prospective field.

Broaden your geographical experience. Travel lends life lessons and valuable perspective, extending far beyond your high school and college careers. A trip with friends or family, at the very least, might offer you some excellent admissions essay topics. You could also combine the travel aspect with an internship, job, or learning experience by applying for these positions in far-flung locations.

Further your education. Contact nearby colleges, or any schools that interest you, and inquire about summer learning intensives for high school students. You can get a taste of college life, while furthering your education and adding a valuable item to your resume.

Remember, right now is the best time to start researching your options. You can begin to narrow your choices, plan around a complicated schedule, and lock in the opportunities that mean the most to you. Don’t let summer sneak up on your without a plan!


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