Tom, Ardeth, & Marcia,
Five years ago when we met, I felt that your services might be useful to prospective college students (my grandkids) but would, for sure, make my life simpler.  I had no idea what a true success with your program would be.  Your work with Samantha Sorensen (and her mother, Paula) has so far exceeded my expectations that it makes tears come to my eyes.  The entire family is ecstatic.  Sam is walking on water.  With your guidance, your encouragement, and your expert help, Sam is beaming with self-confidence, a sense of ownership, and a deep sense of appreciation to me and to ACS.  I hope you all can celebrate this “group victory” with the realization that, at least in this case, you’ve made a huge difference.  Thanks beyond words!

~Winston Dean- Retired Math Professor


Thank you to the Reed family for sending us such a wonderful and complimentary letter!

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Thank goodness ACS helped us to understand how many important pieces there are to the college process. We would never have known what we didn’t know until it was too late. By senior year, it flowed together so easily. We couldn’t have done it without them, and Alex feels the U.S. Naval Academy was the best decision he has ever made.

~The Velez Family


One of the best investments I’ve made in the last 6 years has been Advanced College Solutions! We worried that our homeschooled daughter would have difficulty with the college process, but with ACS’s help, she was accepted to all of her schools, and started at George Fox last fall. In addition, my older son just graduated from medical school with the help of ACS.

~Daniel Greene, CPA


We have recommended ACS to so many families over the last 7 years. Our girls love their schools, Harvey Mudd and University of Alabama, and couldn’t be happier!

~Valerie Mastrovich


Thank you, Advanced College Solutions, for doing all the things that gave our son, Austin, the edge he needed to be accepted to Harvard. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

~Jennifer and Todd Harcarik


I cannot say enough great things about Tom and Ardeth personally, and about their company Advanced College Solutions.  We have been faithful clients going on 4 years now and their help and service has been invaluable!  Ardeth is a terrific listener and guided my son through his high school decisions for college and was a comfort to me, his mom.  I have to say that it was some of Ardeth’s suggestions about clubs and programs that helped my son get accepted into several colleges.  Tom and Ardeth are very accommodating.  They are there for you at the moment you need them.  I can not recommend them enough.  They are worth every penny!

~The Burghard Family


We did not think our son would be able to attend a private college because of the cost. However, he starts this fall at an outstanding private Christian college; our contribution is only $1,600. To say we were thrilled with Tom and Ardeth’s service is an understatement!

~Pat and Cindy, Menifee, CA


You don’t know what you don’t know!  This statement is so true of the entire college admission and funding process. We had so many friends who were crying the blues with their students’ college admission results.  Our daughter not only got into great schools, she received thousands in free funding.  The difference between our friends and us? Tom and Ardeth!

~Craig and Terri, Temecula, CA


ACS has been invaluable to our family as we navigated through the process of course selection, essays, college selections, applications, financial aid and more.  Being an educator and business owner we thought we knew the process pretty well until we met with Tom and Ardeth. We highly recommend their services and are so thrilled our son will be attending UCLA next fall.

~The Nelson Family, Temecula, CA


I was so worried that we couldn’t afford college for our deserving twins.  They both received very generous scholarships; one is attending Brown University and his brother is going to UC Berkeley!  Advanced College Solutions was the greatest gift that we could have ever given our boys.

~The Remland Family, Temecula


We appreciate all that you have done for us and our children.  We were looking for guidance on financing college when we met you back in 2005.  What we have received has been significantly more than we had envisioned.  The college process, the academic counseling, the hands on teaching for the Sat and college essay writing, positioning for acceptance into the school of choice, ongoing financial guidance, and the list goes on.  The amount of service you provide is phenomenal and we could not be more pleased with our investment in your service.  Two of our children have already graduated from Brown and Stanford!

~The Acevedo Family, Temecula


We just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us, and continue to do.  We so appreciate that we can always call you for advice, or just to re-explain something for the 100th time!  We really do trust you and feel like we are in such good hands.

~The Bell Family, Murrieta


First of all, thank you for not only helping me get into my dream college, but also guiding me through what is to come in my future endeavors.  I could not be more appreciative of all the people that helped me navigate the application process, from all of the essays to all of my scheduled appointments regarding my course load or financial aid.

The most difficult and stressful time for me was definitely the essay writing process, and I don’t know what my senior year would’ve been without the help of the entire staff.  And now I can happily say that I will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall, and I attribute that feat to Advanced College Solution’s invaluable guidance and preparation these last 2 years.  I hope that I can accurately represent how phenomenal your service is with my accomplishments, and that I could be a part of your Brag Board even if my graduation announcement is long overdue.

Thank you for all your help!

~  Joan, UCLA 2019, Temecula


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