The Case for Majoring in What You Love

September 11, 2018
Posted in Student Tips
September 11, 2018 ACS

Aside from picking a school, choosing a college major might be one of the biggest decisions you will face in your young life. You will probably discover that there are two prominent schools of thought on this subject: Those who say you should major in a fast-growing, high-paying field, and those who say you should follow your passions.

Truly, there is no single answer that is right for everyone. Yes, getting a good job after graduation is extremely important to most people. That’s why so many students opt for fields like engineering, accounting, nursing, and Physical Therapy.  At the same time, majoring in something you love is not necessarily a terrible idea. There are many reasons to go with your gut feeling when choosing a major, such as…

People are working in every field. Yes, it is true that some fields offer fewer job opportunities than others, but the best people in any given field are always finding work. It might be worth a leap of faith, if you believe you can be one of them.

Don’t waste time. Some students try out a “practical” major… Only to discover it’s a terrible fit for them. If you end up changing your major later, you might spend an extra semester or year in college (and rack up more debt).

Knowing your “price”. Some people are willing to spend thirty or forty years in a career that isn’t perfect, in exchange for a high salary and job security. Others find those fields so miserable that no amount of money makes the job worth it. Ask yourself which of those statements describes you, and be honest.

You’re good at what you love, and good at networking. In the more narrow, competitive fields, talent and connections can help you land a job. If you’re willing to put forth the extra work to build your network and display your talent, you might have better luck in this field than most.

Flexibility. If you do decide to follow your passions, we have one important piece of advice: Try to do it without incurring student debt. Graduating without instant debt will relieve some of the pressure, and allow you more flexibility in nabbing your first job.





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