The Time to Start Looking for a Summer Internship is Now

November 19, 2014
Posted in Internships
November 19, 2014 ACS

Even though high school students are gearing up for the holidays, the time to start planning for a summer 2015 internship is now.

Colleges are increasingly emphasizing the importance of “experimental” learning and high school students are discovering the important benefits in setting time aside during the summer for internships and other work experiences.

Students who have done an internship say that it provides invaluable opportunities to gain significant work experience while exploring any long-term career options.

And the good news for high school students is that businesses and nonprofit organizations are increasingly holding positions for high school students who will be heading off to college.

The benefits of going through the internship application process include teaching much-needed job search and employment skills. It also allows you to become familiar with preparing a resume, asking for recommendations, being in an interview, and understanding what it means to be a responsible employee. All of these skills will give you an advantage in college and beyond.

In addition, an internship will strengthen your college application and introduce you to specific career fields or potential majors you are interested in pursuing.

When a student has an internship, it helps you understand how a professional organization functions. And, while you are learning and working, you also have the opportunity to refine your career goals. Think of an internship as a “trial period,” where you can test the waters about a possible future career.

However, it will usually be up to you to investigate and research where you can find these internships. Some businesses and organizations will have formal internship programs designed specifically for high school students, but they may not advertise the internships.

So, you may have to do some investigative work by searching the internet, asking your friends’ parents, talking to your teachers, and even going to visit businesses and/or organizations where you might want to intern.

Think about what you would like to do, whether it may be something in the entertainment, technology, or health industry and visit or contact the business to see if they offer internships. Also, check out any of the nonprofit organizations in your area that may offer excellent experience through an internship.

If you are planning on going to college and have any questions about the college process, please feel free to call us and set up an appointment as we offer a variety of programs to help you.



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