Tips on What to Do After Applying to College

November 6, 2013
November 6, 2013 ACS

Many of you have now undergone the time consuming and often times tedious process of filling out one or many college applications to the institution of high learning that you hope will be your home away from home for the next four to five years once you graduate from high school.

And even though you have done your best to make yourself an excellent candidate for admissions, many of you will still feel the stress of waiting until you get a decision from the colleges you applied to.

So, what should you do now until you hear if you have been accepted? According to experts, here are a few things to consider:

1. Keep doing what you have been doing. Please don’t let that dreaded “senioritis” take over your last year. Even if you are tempted to put your academics in the cruise control mode, don’t. You still need to show the colleges that may accept you that you are committed until the end, both academically and with your activities. A vital fact to remember is that all acceptance letters say that your admission is based on you maintaining the same level of personal excellence that made you the top-notch applicant that applied in the first place.

It is also a great idea to keep track of any updated information you have or anything new that you may have accomplished since you originally submitted your application. If needed, this will show that your commitment and motivation is important during your last months in high school.

2. Do more research. If you applied to more than one college and they all accept you, you are going to have to make the difficult decision on which college you will actually choose. Doing research about each of these colleges will hopefully help you narrow down your list and maybe even allow you to make that definitive decision. Check out the college website again and if you can, you may want to seriously think about visiting your top choices, even if you visited them before. Another good idea is to make a ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ list about what you want from a college and then use your research to see what is the best fit for you.

3. Reflect on your college application process. What did you learn about the process of applying? What did you learn about yourself when you wrote that essay? Remember, the college application process is not just about getting into a college, but reflecting on who you are as a person and how you would like to contribute to society once you get into college and after you obtain your degree.

So, take a deep breath, congratulate yourself on your achievements in high school and filling out those applications, and enjoy your senior year.

If you have any questions about anything related to the college admissions process, please give us a call so we can discuss your concerns.


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