More Tips that will have a Big Impact on your Child’s Future

October 29, 2014
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October 29, 2014 ACS

Earlier this month, we wrote an article focusing on simple tips that will have a major impact on your child’s future, which included the importance of reading, showing your child responsibility, the positive aspects of a teacher as a role model, and the benefits of playing a musical instrument.


Following are more simple tips you can follow:

  • Choosing the “right” friends

Your child having friends will have a huge impact on his or her future. Spending time with the “right” friends that share the same interests, are good peer models, and have similar morals and values will definitely influence your child in a positive way. On the other hand, having the “wrong” friends can send you child into a downward spiral and down a road that could be detrimental to him or her as well as you.

  • Your hometown

Everyone identifies themselves with their hometown. Where you live can impact you child’s educational and recreational opportunities and every city has its own “culture” that will influence your child’s thoughts and ideas. It is a great idea to talk positively about the city you live in and where your child is growing up as it will make a big difference.

  • Those wonderful pets

Studies show that having a pet will make you healthier, both emotionally and physically! The big positive is that owning a pet will show your child responsibility and compassion. One study compared children with dogs at home and those without, and found that the children who were dog owners were significantly more social and sensitive. The study also found that a child that had that special attachment to a pet had more positive feelings about his or her family and home.

  • Continual exercise

Even though it seems obvious, exercise has amazing benefits. When your child exercises, it boosts his or her immune system, stimulates the imagination, promotes problem solving skills, and is proven to be a mood booster. And, when parents exercise with their child, it promotes conversation and communication about whatever may be on the child’s mind.

Integrating these tasks in your child’s life can make a world of difference in his or her future, and the best thing about these tips is that they are easy to implement.

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