Tips to Follow Once You Receive that College Acceptance Notice

January 20, 2015
January 20, 2015 ACS

Many high school seniors will be hearing from the colleges they applied to, and when you receive that letter of acceptance, here are some tips to guide you as to what you need to do next.

1. Get more information

You undoubtedly already have a ton of information about each college that has accepted you, but getting even more information may help make that final decision a little easier.

You should create a list of any questions you still have about each college you are considering.

  • How many students return after their freshman year?
  • How many actually graduate?
  • Does the college offer the majors and minors that I am interested in?
  • What extracurricular activities does each college offer

You should also look into getting these answers from contacting people who work at the college, current students who attend the college, and by searching each college website thoroughly.

2. Visit the campus again if possible

Once you have done this, ask yourself these questions.

  • How did I feel when I was on campus at each college I visited?
  • Which college best matches my list of “must-haves”?
  • At which college can I really see myself as successful and happy?

3. Make a list of pros and cons

For each college that you are admitted, make a list of the pros and cons as it is a good way to narrow down your choice.

4. Compare Financial Aid Awards

Make sure you understand how much each college is willing to give you in financial aid, and then talk to your family about which college works the best financially.

5. Make your decision

Remember, you don’t have to make that decision immediately, and many colleges don’t expect your final decision until May 1st. Just make sure you respond by the deadline with your decision and make sure you send in your deposit by the deadline as well, or you risk losing your spot. Read the acceptance letter carefully and know if there are any other forms and/or deadlines you need to meet.

6. Respond to the colleges you will not be attending

It is an excellent idea to email all of the other colleges you were accepted to but won’t be attending and thank them for the offer. This also will free up places for other students.

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