Tips for Taking the SAT and ACT

July 17, 2013
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July 17, 2013 ACS

Standardized admission tests, better known as the SAT and the ACT, are a big part in the college admissions process. And, both are now accepted by every college in the America. The SAT is designed to judge a high school student’s ability to reason, while the ACT is designed to determine a high school student’s knowledge of the basic high school curriculum.

Both tests are very challenging in their own way so it’s no wonder that students stress out while studying for them as well as freaking out on the day of the test. Chris Arp, a tutor and test prep author has various tips to help those students feel a little more at ease when getting ready for that big test taking day.

  • You should really make the decision to take both tests. Thus, you should take a practice test for both. Make sure it is timed and in a setting that will allow you to concentrate for at least three hours. If you happen to score much higher on one of the tests, you should definitely take that specific test. If you happen to score about the same on each practice test, Arp says that you should ask yourself, “Which test made you want to pull out a smaller percentage of your hair?”
  • Both tests are extremely long so you will definitely need to build stamina to make sure your brain is still functioning after two or three hours. Start out studying and practicing in small increments, and then build to where your practice sessions take three or four hours without stopping.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Take several practice tests on line or at a tutoring center. Try to learn what you do well and also learn where your weaknesses are.
  • Remember that on the reading section of each test, you will be tested on what a passage says, not on what you already know.
  • Since both tests are timed, know what you do well and tackle that first. If you look at a math problem and have no idea what it means, skip it and go on to another problem you know how to do. If you have time, you can come back and try to figure out the question(s) you are confused about.
  • Don’t fall into the post-test blues. After the test, go have some fun with your friends. The test is over and there is nothing you can do about it now.

If you want to practice for one or both tests, we can help! Please call us as we can help you set up a study schedule and provide all the assistance you need to do well on both the SAT and ACT.


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