More Tips on Things to do Before Your Senior Year of High School

March 29, 2013
March 29, 2013 ACS

Last week we wrote an article focusing on a “to-do” list for high school students on what they should consider doing during the summer before their senior year. Here are some more tips to best prepare you for the college admission process you will face in the fall.

1. Work to Improve Your Standardized Test Scores.

Look at your scores and if they are not in a school’s 50% range, seriously think about retaking the SAT and/or ACT in the fall. Make sure you are well prepared by possibly buying a test prep book to study and sign up for our test preparation classes where you can work with trained instructors who will help you improve your scores.

2. Take Summer Classes at a Local College/University.

Enrolling in a summer course can definitely work to your advantage, even if you are a straight A student or if your grades are not where you would like them. Doing well in a summer course will show admission officers that you are capable and ready of being an academic success at the college level. This can also increase you acceptance chances or even obtaining a scholarship!

3. Practice Your Interview Skills.

There are many colleges that will require an interview in the application process, especially if you are applying to a top ten school, or if your GPA and entrance exam scores are at the lower end of your college’s applicant pool. Set up “mock” interviews with your parents, a teacher, your counselor, or make an appointment with us and we can take you through the interview process in showing you what to expect.

4. Volunteer.

Remember that colleges want good people on their campuses! So you volunteering at a local community shelter, animal shelter, nursing home, or other non-profit organization will definitely make you stand out. You can easily call all of these places before summer begins to see if they need volunteers.

5. Visit Colleges During the Summer.

Figure out what colleges you can visit over the summer. Call each college and see if they offer tours during the summer. If so, take advantage. If not, you can still visit the college and see firsthand what it offers. When you are there, talk to students to get information to see if the college is a good fit for you.

Making that decision on which college to attend is a major choice in your life. Take advantage of the summer before your senior year of high school and be an active participant so your senior year will not be so stressful. If you have any questions, please call us to set up an appointment as we can discuss in detail all of these tips we have mentioned in the past two articles.



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