Top Eight Ways to Improve Your Memory

October 11, 2021
Posted in Student Tips
October 11, 2021 ACS

You’ve often heard that true education is learning how to think, not what to think. Having said that, you will often confront times during which you need to remember certain information. When you’re studying for an important exam, you might become frustrated at repeatedly drilling yourself on lists, names, and dates. Is there any way to improve your memory? Luckily, yes.

While there is no magical remedy that will help you to instantly remember everything, you can definitely take these steps to improve your retention abilities.

Try fish oil supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to better memory and improved cognitive functioning. And since these nutrients are healthy in other ways, taking a supplement can’t hurt. But do discuss the idea with your parents or doctor first, to be sure that this supplement is safe for you and that you’re taking the correct dosage.

Get enough sleep. Insomnia and other types of sleep disruption can wreak havoc on your brainpower. It’s better to stay on a regular sleep schedule than to burn yourself out with too many late-night study sessions.

Start a daily meditation habit. A meditation routine helps to calm your mind and ease anxiety, which can impede memory. Get rid of stress and you might find yourself functioning better in a number of ways.

Exercise your brain. Playing memory games with a brain-training app can strengthen your recall power, much as working out in the gym can make your muscles stronger.

Exercise your body. Regularly exercising can improve your cognitive performance and memory, plus it blasts away stress.

Avoid sugar and simple carbs. Foods that are high in sugar or white flour cause a quick blood sugar spike, followed by a crash. Research has repeatedly shown that a diet high in sugar and white flour is associated with reduced cognitive functioning.

Consider vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a number of important roles in the body, including protecting brain health. And it’s as simple as getting outside more often, because exposure to sunlight causes your body to generate its own vitamin D!

Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Chronic inflammation in the body can harm the brain, but you can tame inflammation with an anti-inflammatory diet. Of course, this is another topic to discuss with your parents or doctor before attempting to treat yourself.




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