Top Ten Must-Haves for Dorm Rooms

June 22, 2020
Posted in Student Tips
June 22, 2020 ACS

If you’re one of the lucky ones, and your chosen campus is planning to open for Fall semester, you’re probably getting excited about move-in day. You have the rest of the summer to plan and shop for your dorm room, but don’t forget these “must-haves”.

A jar of quarters. You will probably need these for the laundry rooms on campus. However, it is possible your campus has switched to an electronic format (with a card that you swipe) so this is a good question to investigate if you visit campus again.

A clip-on light. If you’ll be sharing a room, consider that you and your roommate might have different ideas about appropriate sleeping times. A clip-on light can help night owls study late.

A whistle. Many campus safety experts recommend that all students carry a whistle if walking on campus at night (and it’s better to walk with at least one friend).

A new backpack. In most cases, your college campus will be considerably larger than your old high school campus. Since you need to carry everything you will need all day, consider backpack options carefully. Choose a sturdy one with plenty of pockets to help you stay organized, and comfortable, padded shoulder straps.

Organizational supplies. By now, you probably know what works best for you. Shop early to access the best selection of organizing goodies.

A back-up drive. Don’t forget a back-up drive for your laptop or desktop, and remember to save all of your work nightly.

A lap desk. Sometimes you might want (or need) to work in bed. A comfortable lap desk can make all the difference.

Flip flops. You will need these for shared shower spaces. And let’s face it; you’ll probably end up wearing them to class when you’re running late.

Ear buds or headphones. Invest in a quality pair, so you won’t need to rush out mid-semester and replace them.

A wireless printer. No one wants to run around campus late at night, searching for an available printer! Take your own printer so that you don’t run the risk of turning in papers late.

Of course, your own list might look a bit different from this one. Coordinate with your new roommate and investigate campus resources as you compile your own list. Getting started early is the best way to feel prepared when classes begin this fall.



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