A Tuition Hike for Cal State Schools?

January 30, 2018
Posted in Student Tips
January 30, 2018 ACS

We all know that college tuition isn’t cheap, and that financial aid (while helpful) often does not cover the entire bill. Tuition prices also tend to rise every few years, sometimes a bit faster than federal financial aid allotments. If you’re planning to attend any of the California State University campuses, you should pay close attention to this news: This week, CSU trustees are holding a meeting to consider the overall budget, as well as tuition increases for the coming academic year.

Held in Long Beach this week, the meeting will address a budget shortfall of $171 million. As the largest university system in the country, CSU relies upon state funding as well as incoming tuition to cover operating expenses at its 23 campuses and 8 off-campus centers. Trustees will discuss various methods of closing the budgetary gap, with tuition hikes only one proposal on the table.

So far, the primary tuition proposal would increase rates by the following amounts for the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • $228 for undergraduate tuition (to $5,970)
  • $900 for non-resident undergraduate student fees (to $12,780)

However, a vote on the issue would be held several months from now, allowing some time for adjustments to the proposal.

Just last week, the University of California postponed their vote on a similar tuition hike, which would raise tuition by $342 dollars for in-state undergraduates, and $987 for out-of-state students. That vote has been rescheduled to May, so a rate hike for the 2018-2019 year is certainly still possible for both schools.

All California high school and college students should watch these issues carefully. While it is customary for tuition prices to change over time, we always want you to be prepared for the expense of college. Remember that state and federal financial aid packages are not your only option; many public and private scholarship options are available to students willing to do the research and apply for every opportunity.


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