What to Do When You Don’t Know What You Want

March 5, 2019
Posted in Student Tips
March 5, 2019 ACS

We often focus on offering advice on college admission and adjusting to college life. But that’s making a huge assumption, isn’t it? What if you’re feeling unsure of what to do after high school, or questioning whether you want to go to college at all? That’s understandable, because you’re an individual, and there is no one-size-fits-all path in life! Here are some ideas that can help you explore your feelings, and become more certain about what you want to do after high school.

Take a off  a year after high school. We’re certainly not advising you to take a year and do “nothing”. Make good use of this time! Travel, take a job in an interesting field, volunteer, get involved in a political cause, and generally gain a wider range of life experiences. Use this time to find your passions and determine a productive direction for your life.

Sign up for an unique summer experience. Take a job in a field that interests you, apply for internships that involve travel, or suggest a family vacation that will help you explore a new area of study.

Interview people from a variety of career fields. Talk to your parents’ friends, your neighbors, your friends’ parents, and older relatives. You can even reach out on Facebook. Ask adults about their careers, what they enjoy about them, what they don’t enjoy, and what they would do differently if they could go back in time. Aside from identifying a potential career path, you will probably gain other types of valuable advice that will help you throughout your young adulthood.

Go to college anyway. Just because you go to college, you don’t need to declare a major or a career path right away! Take your core courses, which will apply to any degree, and try out a few electives that interest you. At the same time, explore organizations on campus, join clubs, volunteer, and use the campus experience to broaden your perspectives. Over the course of your first few semesters, it is likely a direction will become clear to you.



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