Why Families Are Struggling (And What We Can Do About It)

February 2, 2021
Posted in Student Tips
February 2, 2021 ACS

As many of you already know, a person’s childhood builds the foundation for the rest of their life. Healthy parent-child relationships lead to happier outcomes, and help a child reach their full potential.

Traci L Williams specializes in helping families build this foundation. Using her methods, parents learn:

  • Why families are struggling
  • How families get off track
  • Effective communication strategies
  • How to break generational cycles and build healthy relationships with their children

Most parents these days are overworked and overwhelmed. Between the exhaustion of pregnancy, the need for early daycare, preschool pressure, divorce, and more, it’s no wonder so many families are feeling tapped out. Depression for both children and adults has reached an all-time high, and suicide is still the second leading cause of death for children. State intervention in families (via CPS) in occurring at alarming rates. Kids feel disconnected, parents are overwhelmed, and most parents struggle to reach their teenagers.

In addition, parents often unwittingly teach their children the very behaviors they prefer to avoid! Issues like resentment, lack of trust, lack of respect, and bottled-up feelings persist into adulthood… And then those cycles repeat when adults make the same mistakes with the next generation.

With daily pressures reaching every area of our lives, from education to behaviors, many parents could benefit from coaching. This coaching teaches parents the power of effective communication. How you say something is actually more important than what you say!

Traci teaches these communication skills, and helps parents build a relationship with their children. Learn more about Traci and her approach at www.alovingway.com . Or, email Traci and her team directly at traci@alovingway.com



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